FMM Verkostung 18 5 2012  IM 35 010a


The ultimate & my noble line!

The greatest wines do not grow every year and require not only technical skill, affection, emotion, but ART.


* ladies  choice - Cuvée 2o18:

Alcohol content 14% by vol., semi-sweet.

*Ladies Choice:  The name stems from the fact that the vineyard and grapes were chosen and harvested only by women on Nov 1. – Vinification and aging in French “Allier-oak” for 31/2 months lends the wine its bouquet of full caramel with a fresh play of flavours like honey, roasted almonds and an acidic note on the palate. Its round, perfect structure promises a long, unforgettable finish.
Food pairing: The ideal accompaniment to foie gras, patés, cheeses and desserts (enjoy and serve at about 13°C).

Prices: Please ask. Unfortunately not available anymore!


fm & tm nußdoza (Chardonnay) 2o18

Alcohol content 14,5 % by vol., dry.

The name NUßDOZA stems from an ideal terroir for Chardonnay (the famous Viennese NUßberg) – combined and bottled with fully ripened MenDOZA-Chardonnay grapes from Argentina, which I myself planted and vinified. NUßDOZA was picked on Oct 18 and aged in American oak (300 l) for 5 months, which gives it its fragrant bouquet of toasted almonds and a complex nutty nose. A wonderful structure on the palate, vanilla and rum coconut with a fresh play of flavours and acidity – enjoy the unforgettable finish of this simply rare white wine named “NUßDOZA”.

Food pairing: The ideal accompaniment to steaks, patés, cheeses and desserts like “Kaiserschmarrn”. Also perfect for drinking on its own (enjoy and serve at about 13°C).

PricesPlease ask. Unfortunately not available anymore!


schönin *1683  (“Cuvée”) vintage 2o17

Alcohol content 14,5% by vol., dry.

* Family Mayer has been situated in Vienna since 1683. – The outstanding wine-creation „schönin“ is the latest addition to my wine-range!

A Viennese Gemischter Satz (“Cuvée”) of the modern ART made from 60% SChönin Blanc, 15% Mendoza-Chardonnay, 15% Grüner Veltliner, 5% Neuburger & 5% Pinot Gris.
The vintage from my youngest and most beautiful vineyard! These grapes were grown on shell-limestone soil which is millions years old, were harvested on Oct 21 and 40% of which were aged for 6 months in best “Bertranges” Burgundy oak. – Fantastic texture, very concentrated combined with a new adventure of flavours: Exotic fruits and a noble toasted bouquet in the nose; tropical flavours such as lemongrass, kiwi, ripened banana and starfruit on the palate.

Food pairing: This wine is delicious on its own, but pairs well with a variety of fine food. I enjoy it with Mediterranean and Creole cuisine along with Viennese “Tafelspitz” and cheese (enjoy and serve at 12O C).

Prices: Please ask. unfortunately this vintage is not available anymore. Reservations for vintage 2019 are warmly welcome.