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My innovative wines.


SÉMIO (Sémillon) Creation 17 (2o17) – last bottle finished

Alcohol content 14% by vol., dry.
Picked from the “Unger” terroir on Oct 5.
The invented term “Sémio” is derived from the ancient French variety Sémillon, which I was one of the first to plant in Austria. Sémillon is normally utilised in the production of powerful and famous Sauternes sweet wines. I have made it completely differently – “the Austrian way”: Young and lively, in keeping with the new and modern style of oenology with a good structure, very well balanced body and a fresh concentration of flavours whose nose reminds one of exotic limes, gooseberry, grapefruit and hints of wild herbs; in the finish a fresh touch of acidity.

Food pairing: An ideal accompaniment to starters, asparagus, vegetable variations, fish and seafood (serve at 10°C).

Prices: Please ask for our prices.

 2019 Retro_FMM

„Retro“ Creation 18:

Alcohol content 14% by vol., dry.

(Anniversary-PinoSE) under the motto: How it all began …:

I founded my winery “FM Mayer.Vitikultur” in 1999. – In 2019 it is time to celebrate its 20th anniversary!

In 1999 I planted my first vineyard in the “Unger” terroir with the grape varieties Sémillon (2/3) & Pinot Gris (1/3).

In the 3rd year after planting my 1st own (maiden) harvest yielded 100 litres. This first vintage was a mixed harvest of 3 parts Sémillon & 1 part Pinot Gris; this is because Sémillon has a much bigger, natural grape dimension.

For the anniversary year 2o19 I harvested “Retro” style: a partial harvest (300 litres) from the Unger terroir on 26 September, once again a Gemischter Satz using the same ratio of grapes (3:1), the same degree of ripeness (21.5° KMW) and likely the same alcohol, acidity and residual sugar content! My “First PinoSE Creation 01″ was, even then, a sensation.

The difference between the wines lies simply in the vintage and the additional years of knowledge and experience I have gained in the meantime!

Back then the bottles only had a handwritten logo, a simple description on a label on the back of the bottle (in German) and my contact details (landline no.)

The description of the wine at the time: a delicate golden yellow colour, subtle fruity bouquet, somewhat racy, elegant and very powerful on the palate

you can be very excited about it!

Prices: Please ask.

Unfortunately not available anymore.


PLATINUM (Pinot Gris) 2o18

Qualitätswein, alcohol content 14% by vol., dry.

Is so named due to the colour of fully ripened Pinot Gris berries, which have nearly the same shimmer of noble grey as the precious metal platinum. Aged in 300 l acacia after harvesting on Sept 10 and cold-maceration with skins for 15 hours. – The spicy bouquet has notes of honeydew melon and burnt almond; on the tongue a touch of chestnut and a complex creamy structure; ending with a long, powerful, mineral sweetness in the finish.

Food pairing: The perfect wine to accompany red meat (lamb, venison, heavy roast dishes, patés and foie gras (enjoy and serve at about 13° C).

Prices: Please ask for our prices.